Frequently Asked Questions

Grassrootz Tap ‘n’ Donate is a customised app which allows your organisation to accept tap credit card donations anywhere, using a wide range of iOS and Android (mobile and tablet) devices.

Grassrootz Tap ‘n’ Donate pairs with a Square reader. The donor simply taps the Square reader when prompted during the donation process.

The reader does not need to be attached to the mobile or tablet device, just within 6 metres for the tap donation to process.

Grassrootz Tap ‘n’ Donate is a software app installed on a mobile or tablet (iOS or Android) device, which renders on the screen; whereas an EFTPOS terminal is a hardware machine. Grassrootz Tap ‘n’ Donate can be installed on an unlimited number of mobile or tablet devices; whereas the use of EFTPOS machines is restricted by the number of hardware machines you can source, ship, power and afford. Grassrootz Tap ‘n’ Donate provides a convenient way to scale-up tap donations at lower cost, provides delightful branded experience, emails customised donation receipts and captures donor details, allowing the tap donation to be the start of a donor journey. EFTPOS machines offer a one-way transaction, whereas Grassrootz Tap ‘n’ Donate is built for fundraising and supporter acquisition, with the mobile user experience your donors now expect from your organisation.

(1) Install the Grassrootz Tap ‘n’ Donate app on an internet enabled device, (2) enter your unique device code, (3) install the Square app, (4) pair the Square reader to Grassrootz Tap ‘n’ Donate. Now you’re ready to accept tap credit card donations anywhere.

iPads more recent than an iPad 3.
iPhones more recent than an iPhone 4S.
Any Samsung Galaxy more recent than a Samsung Galaxy S4.
You can check the compatibility of the Square readers with other brands here:

Each device is issued a device code, allowing you to track time-stamped donations per device.

As part of your onboarding process, the Grassrootz onboarding team will show you how to generate a device code from your administrator dashboard.

Any fundraiser, 3rd party fundraiser or volunteer taking donations for your organisation.

You need a custom built Grassrootz Tap ‘n’ Donate app, an organisation Square account, a mobile or tablet (iOS or Android) device, and a Square reader to administer the tap donation.

You can install Grassrootz Tap ‘n’ Donate on an unlimited number of devices. We don’t want you to miss a donation.

Australia: Square readers can be purchased online, or in store from Bunnings, Officeworks, Harvey Norman and many Australia Post outlets and Square.

UK: Square readers can be purchased online directly from Square, or in store from Argos, Curry’s PC World and Ryman

Not right now – but watch this space.

Card payment acceptance is available in the US, Canada, Japan, Australia and the United Kingdom.

All credit cards, EFTPOS branded chip cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Recurring donations are the lifeblood of many organisations, and as such, it’s on our product roadmap to offer recurring giving. Sign up to our blog to be notified.

Grassrootz Tap ‘n’ Donate is available for organisations to accept tap credit card donations, including empowering 3rd party community fundraisers or volunteers to accept donations on behalf or the organisation. It is not currently used for personal crowdfunding (such as raising money for a friend or family member’s personal expenses).

Grassrootz Tap ‘n’ Donate emails the donation receipt to the donor’s nominated email address.

Yes, you can nominate to receive name, email, phone and address.

Yes, a donation transaction report can be downloaded in real-time, to be imported into a CRM or email marketing solution.

Yes, the donor data will be provided as a CSV or excel report, to be imported into a CRM or email marketing solution.

Yes, a donor can uncheck the box when prompted.

Yes, your donors can tap on a link to view your organisation’s terms and conditions, during the donation process.

Yes, you can nominate 3 donation amounts, and there is always an “other” to allow donors to customise their own donation amount.

We are happy to adjust the dollar amounts for you from time to time. Simply contact from 9am-5pm Mon-Fri EST and we will gladly assist.

No problem, contact from 9am-5pm Mon-Fri EST and we will gladly assist.

Absolutely, we build your organisation’s brand font into your customised Grassrootz Tap’n’ Donate app.

Absolutely, we go through these requirements with you prior to the custom build.

Yes, you can display your logo, customised text and a still image or video in the emailed donation receipt.

The email sender displays as your organisation name.

Your organisation’s name is displayed on the donor’s credit card statement (not Grassrootz).

Yes, your organisation can accept Apple Pay through Grassrootz Tap ‘n’ Donate.

Absolutely, your organisation can accept Google Pay through Grassrootz Tap ‘n’ Donate.

No long-term commitment required to use Grassrootz Tap ‘n’ Donate.

Australia: We believe in clear pricing. Each transaction has a 1.9% credit card fee, or 2.2% for keyed-transactions over $100. There are no hidden fees.

UK: 1.75% credit card fee, or 2.5% for keyed-transactions over £30.

Super fast! Every one to two days – or when you schedule.

Your volunteers do not have administrator access and cannot change transaction settings, nor view or export transaction or donor data. They can only accept donations on behalf of your organisation.

Sure can! Get in touch, we’d love to scope out your requirements with you.

Fundraising activities using Grassrootz Tap ‘n’ Donate include (but are not limited to) corporate events, 3rd party community fundraising, golf days, point of sale, sports stadium match days, gala dinners, street appeals and any in-person donations. Each day we are discovering new ways charities are using Tap ‘n’ Donate.

Yes, we can customise your order to send non-tax deductible receipts.

Absolutely! Many 3rd party fundraising activities traditionally collect cash, and therefore are a perfect fit for Grassrootz Tap ‘n’ Donate. Grassrootz Tap ‘n’ Donate empowers your fundraisers to raise more – by bringing cash donations online – and reduces safety risk and hidden administration burden for your organisation.

We use Square. Square adheres to the strict PCI compliance standards and provides the readers to process the tap credit card donations.

For all donations over the tap threshold, a number pad will display on the screen, allowing the donor to key their donation.

Australia: There are many point of sale stands to choose from on the market. Square stands can be purchased online or via retail stores such as Officeworks.

UK: There are many point of sale stands to choose from on the market from Amazon, Apple or Studio Proper. Official square stands can also be purchased directly from their online store.

Australia: Cases which hold – or clip – the contactless reader to a device can be purchased online from Square or via retail stores such as Officeworks.

UK:  Cases which hold – or clip – the contactless reader to a device can be purchased from a number of online retailers including Amazon, Apple and Studio Proper or directly from Square.

No, you can use Tap ‘n’ Donate independently, or in conjunction with the Grassrootz platform.

Simply leave your details for our team and we will be in touch within 24hrs to get you up and running.

Grassrootz Tap ‘n’ Donate is billed as annual licence fee, which includes: your custom app development, product upgrades, support and unlimited downloads on a wide range of iOS and Android devices. For further customisation outside of the baseline product, we scope out the requirements and quote accordingly.

Australia: Currently AUS$19 for the phone jack style, Chip Card Reader, or AUS$59 for the flat Contactless Reader.

UK: Currently priced £39.95+VAT for the flat contactless reader which includes the phone jack style chip card reader.

We believe in simple pricing. There is no cost per download, instead we offer unlimited downloads included in the one annual licence fee

Square adheres to the strict PCI compliance standards including credit card data encryption within the card reader at the moment of transaction.